A3 Visual & Downtown San Francisco debut the Largest Holiday Projection Mapping Event in the U.S.

Downtown SF and A3 Visual partnered to create Let’s Glow SF, a free projection exhibit across four different buildings in downtown San Francisco at the beginning of December 2021. Using eighteen Panasonic PT-RQ35K projectors, five-minute projection-mapped shows were created featuring the work of eleven different local and international artists.

“Projection mapping is an exciting art form because it marries art, technology and public space while activating architecture in iconic cities,” said Sean Mason, Chief Technology Officer at A3 Visual. “This particular project is unique for many reasons, we are building a foundation for a truly immersive activation and also creating space for collaboration between many types of artists – animators, painters, digital artists, etc. Because the artists are all working together, they have access to a canvas that is larger than anything they would work on individually, allowing for incredible art to be born.”


For such a prestigious installation in a high-profile public space, a superior quality performance, free of stoppages and interruptions was a priority. Proietta’s AF enclosures offered the perfect solution to safeguard the projectors used from the effects of unpredictable weather, airborne contaminants and wildlife.


Proietta provided seven air-forced enclosures customized according to customer needs:

  • 4 AF40 customized in height to contain two PT-RQ35K projectors in stack
  • 2 AF32 customized in height to contain one PT-RQ35K projectors in portrait (equipped with FRAME EVO-P30)
  • 2 AF40 standard to contain one PT-RQ35K projectors in landscape Proietta’s innovative monitoring system also regulates the internal temperature and humidity, ensuring no condensation forms, which can be fatal to projectors.


Proietta’s app, available for Apple and Android devices, regulates temperature and humidity automatically, so the artists did not have to worry about a sudden change in weather conditions affecting the performance of the projectors.


“We needed a solution that would give us the flexibility to really push the boundaries creatively with what we wanted to achieve. Using projectors outdoors can sometimes mean potential issues with weather damage and other issues, but with the controlled environment provided by Proietta’s enclosures we had nothing to worry about.” Added Sean Mason.


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